Behind the Reins

With an immeasurable belief in craftsmanship, since 2015 Katelyn Woodburn has striven to bring the elegance and sophistication of the riding ring to the masses.

A proud and passionate horse girl, Katelyn brings to her clients a lighthearted take on different eras of riding apparel and their timeless beauty.

Katelyn is partnered with experts from the retail, tailoring and design fields such as Megan Bain (Arcteryx), Rachael Barnett (Holt Renfrew) and Shane Yu (Club Monaco).

Most importantly our garments are proudly manufactured in-studio in Vancouver, Canada.

Made in Vancouver

Your garment is proudly made, start to finish, in our studio in Chinatown.

Our commitment to our clientele is to deliver beautiful handcrafted garments that are available and inclusive (custom sizing available).

Clients are welcome to experience the process and collection. The shop is open throughout the week or via appointment. (information below)

Timeless Care

Conscious of the shortcomings of the fashion industry, we source eco-sensitive fabrics that are both luxurious and durable.

We sew them in small batches to minimize waste and ensure the highest quality.

By offering complimentary custom sizing, we create a truly tailored and unique piece that you'll cherish for years to come.