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You just can't deny the magic of a good runway show. The gorgeous models, perfectly coiffed and strutting their finest strut. The flashing cameras and applause - and of course the clothes. 

I've been dreaming of a runway show since I first "got into" fashion six years ago (the story starts with a yellow motorcycle suit, but that's for another time). There's something very different and special about presenting a collection to a (hopefully) enraptured audience - the perfect combination of theatrical and fine arts. 

Alas, they're not for itty bitty brands like us. Or so we thought. Street & Saddle got invited to show at Vancouver Fashion Week… for free! Since I'm a recent graduate, the organization is very generously doing their part to support emerging talent. Big thank you to VFW!

Enter Tina and I… with a skirt and a pair of shorts. That's it. We have zillions of ideas of course, all in varying stages of design and production. Some of the fabric is in the studio… some is still halfway across the world, waiting to be shipped. Make a full collection in two weeks? No problemo. Except that it is in fact a gargantuan task. Gah.

It's amazing to see how people pull together when they believe in something. One of our sewers, Ciel, is as we speak (at 1AM) here putting together prototypes. Knight-ess in shining armour! It's pretty much one gigantic episode of Project Runway here in the studio, and I love it. I'm only writing right now because my hands hurt and my feet hurt and my brain hurts and I need a little break. This is my version of when the designers on the show sit in front of the camera and gossip. Except I have nothing to say except that life rocks, which I guess is pretty boring to listen to. I guess that's why I'm just a petty fashion designer and not a reality TV star.

But in five days, we've put together… almost a collection! Yep, there's an almost full garment rack of pieces right in front of me. And we still have a couple more weeks to go. What's the collection about? Conflicting extremes - the adrogynous style of Teddy Girls mixed with ladylike Jackie Kennedy, tradition and with whimsy, and no shortage of razor sharp equestrian style we're starting to become famous for. Also modesty, we're big on that as you can see.

So maybe I should stop rambling, before I give away all of our secret styles that won't be revealed to anyone until the 16th. Eek, so exciting. See you on the runway, where dreams do in fact come true... And lack of sleep causes me to make corny comments like that.