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"Bespoke," is a word not terribly often used nowadays (in fact, you probably don't know what it means - I don't blame you). It's an old tailoring term, meaning that a certain fabric is "spoken for" for a client. 

As you can imagine, I love this idea. Through Tina and my recent travels, as far east as Munich, and as far west as India, we've found some spectacular bits of fabric. From steel grey cotton with amber flecks woven by a women's collective, to a bronze couture leftover wool from Paris, incredibly soft to the hand and heavy (there's metal in it, after all!). 

If you couldn't tell already, I sort of have a big thing for fabric. I love the promise and potential of it - how could I make it look it's best? Playing around, draping and combining them… Largely by my fault (not Tina's, she practices more restraint than I do), we have a glass cabinet filled with odds and ends of some of the world's most beautiful material. Enough each for a garment or two, but not near enough for a production run.

This is where bespoke comes in. We're lucky to have a fully equipped studio, and a very talented pattern drafter/sewer. While I'd love to keep all these fabrics for myself, that would be terribly selfish (and also a terrible business model). So, Street & Saddle will be opening the doors of its' glass cabinet to our clients for custom orders. 

We're working on a special section of the website, with the array of choices presented to you. The prices will be quite reasonable, and will vary depending on the cost of the individual fabrics (as I seem to have a weakness for the expensive ones…). Our mission is to create items that will be cherished, and what is more cherishable than a one-of-a-kind garment made with love just for you? 

*Maybe not out of the bronze wool though. I really love that one. Sorry.*