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I will be the first one to admit that horse people are pretty weird. There's also a weird little sub-branch of horse people called "eventers," and they are weirdos amongst weirdos. I get to say this because I am one. 

Eventing is the original test of cavalry horses - think of it as a triathlon for horse and rider. I will spare you the complete explanation as you probably are either A) a horse person, so you already know what this is, or B) you are not a horse person and probably would be bored to tears with the technical explanation. If you wish to know more, please call me and I will talk for hours about it. 

I'm getting sidetracked. There's this part of eventing called cross country. In a nutshell, it's galloping around over natural terrain, jumping over large, solid obstacles such as logs, bridges, overturned boats… you name it, they clear it. They also leap off of ridiculously high banks and over ditches. It's terribly dangerous, and terribly fun. 

Not crazy at all.


The only sport in the world that requires you to have your medical information strapped to your arm.

Anyways, eventers are known in the horse world as the salt-of-the-earth, mud loving adrenaline junkies. They generally do not care for fancy wares, unless it will make their horse happier/go faster/jump higher. 

Except for the trot ups. This is when the rider presents their horse to a team of veterinarians, and run them down a path so that they can determine if he is "sound" (i.e.: all his legs are in proper working order.) For some reason or other, eventers love to get gloriously overdressed for this. I'm talking three piece suits, cocktail dresses, feathery hats… and yes, there are "best dressed" lists. 

Runaway linen skirt, Celtic silk scarf, Italian Wrangler belt and High Tea shirt (available this summer). 

Kisses for the cutie.

Gorgeous squared.

Obviously, this idea appeals very much to us here at Street & Saddle. So much, in fact, that almost anything we make would be perfectly at home on the cat walk, er, trot up thingie. Case in point: local rider/trainer Sabrina Glaser. We've been dressing her for her little jaunts down to California, and you have to admit she looks beyond fab. 

In our Class Act linen shorts, Mosaic silk scarf and High Tea shirt (available this summer.)

There's an entertaining story to go along with the above shirt - I was making it (the day before Sabrina left for California, naturally. Why would I ever actually leave myself enough time for something?), and brought it to her place for a fitting. A couple adjustments needed to be made, so I grabbed my sewing machine out of the car and found the nearest power outlet - under the stairs in the barn. I love my job. 

Barn cat overhead was an added bonus.

Welcome to the S&S family, Sabrina! We look forward to outfitting you in the future.