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Studies have come out recently that activities such as singing out loud and dancing increase happiness and decrease stress levels. 

Therefore, a reasonable assumption would be that twirling produces similar results. It was that fleeting, dizzy, elated feeling that we wanted to capture and embody in a piece of clothing. Keeping true to our equestrian influences, it would need to be classic, flattering and somewhat practical. Tina christened it the Runaway Skirt, after the running horse print we had around the bottom of the hem. 

We hummed and haw'd over the length - flirty without being dangerous. Of course, it needed ginormous pockets. As for fabric, we fell in love with a heavy taupe linen and a black cotton/linen blend. Linen possesses inherent magical properties that make a garment float instead of just hang (are you a fabric nerd? Read our nerdy fabric post here). How much gathering was enough? As much as we could get out of the width of the fabric is how much. Which was a lot. Like, a lot.

We had no idea that the scope of the twirly Runaway would reach as far as it has. From ages 14 to 62, size two to sixteen, women of all walks of life fell in love with it. They wear them to work, to parties - even to the barn on hot days! 


After many careful observations and tests, we decided that perfection can indeed be improved upon. For our next batch of skirts, we inserted a small piece of elastic in the waistband at the back. Barely visible, this gusset leaves "lunch room," and accommodates the natural ever changing waistlines of women. Because dammit, how is it fair that our waistline can fluctuate that much over the course of a day?!

A little bit of elastic goes a long way.

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