The studio is open for visits (and shopping!)

September has always been my favourite month, for all the stereotypical reasons, such as crispy air, crunchy leaves and PSLs (I only allow myself two every season, for fear of all-consuming addiction). It's an even fresher start than New Year's, and this one feels the freshest of them all, despite it being my first not being in school. Why? It's the studio. The most magical place in the world. It's the spot I've craved for the better part of my life. It's bright, airy, and feels like a little slice of Paris. Most importantly, lots of room for the making and designing of equestrian finery (wink).


After the madness of getting ready for Tbird, I finally had a little (little) time to unpack and arrange things. It's not quite up to my obsessive standards, but it's certainly good enough to welcome visitors. Enter you. If you live in Vancouver, or ever come visit, make sure to drop by for a cappuccino and chat about fashion, horses, life, etc. We have all of our stock here as well, if you feel inclined for a little shopping. Bring the kids, we have a rocking horse. Yes, you can ride the rocking horse too. 

PS: We will be open for the EastSide Culture Crawl Nov. 19-22. See you there!