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Tina and I would like to extend a warm thank you to the thousands of people who made the Eastside Culture Crawl a great success this year. There's nothing like a true swarm of art appreciators coming through the studio to pause and reflect, as well as squeal in delight (it happened), to give us the warm and fuzzies. Art cannot survive without art appreciators, so it was really great to have you all here. 









On display were our products, as well as assorted bits of art done by myself; canvases and sketches. Of particular popularity were the horse colouring book illustrations, which will be coming soon due to such high demand, as well as greeting cards.

A highlight was seeing the faces of horse people light up when they entered the studio. One woman eyed my saddle perched on the back of the sofa, and simply asked "Dressage or eventing?" Eventing, of course, which she does as well, and what ensued was... well, you know how us horse people get when we talk about horses. Her husband sighed, rolled his eyes and waited it out. Apparently he thought a culture crawl was one of the few places he could escape instances such as these. He was wrong. We're everywhere, and we always find each other!
Another high point would definitely be the non-equestrians who fell in love with the studio regardless, and asked tons of questions, rode the rocking horse (yes, we had a couple adults on it). I had a Ronald Duncan poem up on the wall, The Horse, and it served to explain to people why we feel the way we do about our beloved equines.  

Of course, we're already planning, scheming and generally getting excited for the crawl next year. More art, more clothes, more brownies (yes, we had brownies), and maybe a pony (yes, a live pony). Also a friendly reminder that we're open any day by appointment, if you wish to come yak about fashion, horses and everything in between. I was told by over a thousand people that it's quite a beautiful and inspiring place with a stunning view, so I guess it's alright. 

We had to laugh towards the end when the reaction of almost every visitor was to pause, nod and remark "So… horses, eh?" Yep, that's us. Horses (eh).