The Sappy Year-end Post

Katelyn here! I always said that fifteen was my lucky number, and would you look at what twenty fifteen dealt out. I was looking back at the beginning of this year, when on the first page of my red Moleskine (that's another story), I'd written down my new year's resolutions. One: Less Netflix, more creativity. Two: start the damn business. Three: Think outside the box in regards to life, anything is possible. Since I now am sitting in my apartment in the Artists Resource Centre, writing to you from a website called, having disabled the Netflix eight months ago, I'd say we're pretty good on the resolutions front.

It's difficult, nay, impossible, to sum up a whole year in a few sentences. But when I tried looking back and picking out the highlights, it was the people who stuck out. Street & Saddle has allowed me to get to know some very fantastic and inspiring women (and a couple guys). I recently came to the realization that inspiring women are the ones I have in mind when I design - ones who are talented, hardworking, maybe a little sassy, and above all are making a positive impact in the world. It was a great joy to see women who fit this bill gravitate towards S&S, from upper level and Paralympic athletes, to professional public speakers and social media influencers.  

One memory does stick out in my mind - having my mother try on a Runaway skirt for the first time. I know first hand her constant struggle to find clothing that fits her well, it's gone on for years. The first time I made her try on the skirt, I had to twist her arm to do it, amid cries that she "couldn't wear a skirt that short." When she finally put one on, she immediately started twirling around, a big grin on her face, demanding me to take pictures of her. No other important events - launching the website, signing our first wholesaler - came even close to the pride I felt at that moment, and moments thereafter seeing women so happy in our pieces. 

It wouldn't be a sappy year-end post without a sappy thank you to Tina, my business partner. How we met and got to know each other is a whole other story (hint: at the barn!), but we went from the first lunch to launching a business in under four months. Tina tops the list of inspiring ladies. Thank you Tina for being my brain-twin, for being as excited as I am about "making stuff," for making me feel like a slacker with your crazy work ethic, and also for doing the taxes. You rock. 

Last, but certainly not least, I'd like to thank the horses that inspire Tina and I on a daily basis. Their endearing personalities and involvement in human society and history is the main backing for this little company. 

Happy 2016 lovelies, ride your life.