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When Kiri invited us to her tea party recently, we were expecting a cozy affair by the fire (it is February, after all). We were also expecting lace gloves, vintage fur coats, and no shortage of dainty teacups, for Kiri has no shortage of whimsy. It turns out we were only correct about the latter assumption. 

We were led up a mountain, carrying an old suitcase full of our combined assorted finery. We worried about catching colds, but Mother Nature was determined to smile upon our tea party, and cranked the heat. The forest was alive with the sound of snow droplets melting off tree branches. 

It was a merry affair, with our hostess regaling us with tales of her antique objects - her grandfather's camera; a first edition Jules Verne… Her skirt spread around her like a linen halo, her belt buckle matching the glint of her gilded cup. No shortage of whimsy, indeed. 

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