Photo Essay: Street to Saddle

Karis met us in between work meetings and driving to the barn to see her horses. She's a busy woman - she didn't understand when we asked her to walk slower so that we could take pictures.

She did, however, have a couple minutes to sit down for a cup of coffee and a chat about her life. Riding horses keeps her sane, and she insists on making time for it every day, despite a very demanding career.

Each minute is precious, and so instead of having to think about outfit changes, she just wears her riding trousers all day. Not that she particularly cares about what people think of her, but she does appreciate a combination of pieces that look as at home on the street as in the saddle.

At one point, I think she go rather tired of us tagging along… that, or she was just impatient to get going so she could ride. We can definitely identify with that.  

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