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This is a portfolio page for Sony's Alpha Female photography grant. 

To S&S fans: As some of you already know, photography is a huge part of the brand - not only for products but for storytelling and inspiration. It's something I've been dying to explore more, beyond the current limitations I have of lack of equipment and formal training. This grant could change that - cross your fingers for me.

To the judges: Below is a sampling of my work, from fashion photography for my own company, shots from my journalism assignments, and travel shots. All were taken on a DSLR, with zero formal photography training. Please explore the rest of the website - this is my largest project thus far. 

On the launch of our menswear collection: "So we've defined the S&S woman... Who is the man?" "He's her accessory." Read the story. 
"Under the watchful eyes of the horses."
I wanted this shot but couldn't use a ladder because we were in the middle of a forest in three feet of snow.  I love the daintiness of it all though. Read the story.
Somewhere in a small village outside of Dijon, France. Read the story. 
While on assignment for Heels Down Magazine, I caught this moment between a horse and some adoring fans. His eyes capture everything I find fascinating about horses; their wariness, their need for social interaction, and their profound empathy.
While on assignment for Heels Down Magazine at the Longines Masters in New York [a prestigious show jumping competition], I saw this girl reaching up to touch the top of a jump they had set up to demonstrate the height of the obstacles in competition. Her expression of wonder and awe, combined with the cacophonous colouring wall in the background, summed up the spirit of the whole event.
There's something about the texture and energy of this one that I like but can't quite describe. 
While on the Gili Islands in Indonesia, I had some fascinating conversations with both tourists and locals on the use of horses for transport (motor vehicles are banned). While it is widely assumed that using animals for work is cruel, I saw horses that were of a healthy weight, shining coats and less abusive treatment than at horse shows in first world countries. I'd love to explore this area more - how do different cultures define fair treatment of working animals?
The velvety texture of this wall in southern Spain caught my eye, as well as how the colours played with the oranges. 
A gull, deep in thought. 
Somewhere in Montana, right before sunset. I was doing a solo road trip, and the neverending fields had such a peachy glow that you could almost taste it. I wanted to keep driving forever.