Art x Animals… our favourite!

Tina has this really nice habit of saving the Style section of the paper for me every week (Thanks T!). I let them stack up a bit and then read them all in one go with a Sunday coffee. I saw an article about Kaleidescopic Animalia, an exhibit at the Glenbow museum in Calgary, curated by none other than Paul Hardy, one of Canada's best and brightest fashion designers.

So Canadian eh. The map on the wall is made of beer labels featuring animals. I love you Paul Hardy.


Animals, art and fashion designers - these are a few of my most favourite things! I forgot all about it until I was driving back from Rebecca Farm (taking the long way home, because if I can use a work trip to satiate my wanderlust, I will!), a lo and behold, ended up driving through Calgary. 

How many horses can you see?


I was absolutely floored and delighted by this exhibit. I've long had some thoughts about art in general - how it gets fussed over and put on a pedestal. Art belongs everywhere, not just behind glass in museums and segregated by period or artist. It can be something joyful and playful, and more powerful when combined in an unusual way. Sometimes I think art needs to stop taking itself so seriously.



Paul Hardy had evidently been thinking in similar terms. For the Animalia exhibit, he combined pieces from the museum's collection with his own designs, as well as products you could buy at a store today. Think big silk gown paired with Converse sneakers, beside a five hundred year old statue. It made me gasp and laugh and wonder; and despite having been to many, many museums around the world, I think this was my favourite exhibit of all time. 


Toys x Grimms x Converse


Interior decor inspo!


The glorious mis-mash of pieces were thoughtfully arranged in the style of department store window displays, and each one celebrating a different aspect of how animals are woven throughout human culture. It was as playful and humorous as it was complex and visually appealing. I spent ages staring at each "window," finding more and more interesting little things about it as the time passed. He cleverly put a commercial and theatrical spin on art, and I absolutely loved it!


If you happen to be passing through Calgary before September 5th, you have to go see this!