Girl Problems: Fitted clothing for large busts

"I love that feeling of my shirt buttons straining over my bust," said no woman, ever. There's nothing like that horrible, sinking suspicion that a) that button may indeed pop off soon, b) a sneaky slice of cleavage is very unintentionally on display or c) all of the above. Oh right, you're also at work. 

Then by the time you size up to something that fits your bosom, the shirt looks more appropriate for a pirate or for a night gown (also - whose arms are that long?). You're certainly not alone, and we're here with better design for you.

We aspired and succeeded in making a summer collection that champions a very generous space for bust while having a beautifully tailored body.


Here are our top picks for big bust friendliness: Click the images for links


Horse Camp Long Sleeve + Short Sleeve

The button up shirt for big bust; we were so excited while styling this blouse how well it fit from sizes L to 3X. While still nipping in underneath the waist, we found the top fit upwards to F cup. This blouse does it all, perking up your mundane Monday attire or being that perfect button down for your weekend getaway. 

Pasture Polo

Bamboo Rayon has some great features that will help you rock out every curve. The key aspect that helps make this a must have is the stretchiness mixed in with the breathability. This material has a generous give, pulling beautifully over your bust while cinching in at the waist to highlight that gorgeous figure.

Pony Top

We wanted to make something that was beautiful, feminine, and breezy but had a more professional neckline. Wear it year-round under a blazer or jacket, or by itself with no worry of bra straps showing. The hemline just covers the top of mid to high rise bottoms. Personally, I always found boxy tops to look way too large around the waist, so we tapered the seams to give a little more definition.

Derby Dress also available in florals

There is a classic formula that has been used for dresses for centuries: fitted around the bust and waist, with a voluminous skirt. Our rendition also has pockets - you're welcome. We're proud to say that it's received glowing reviews from every single lady who's tried it on.