Holiday gift and sale guide

Gift giving: euphoric and gratifying when you get it right, soul shattering when you get it wrong, and horribly stressful either way. 

We can help.

We sympathize with the dilemma of getting the wrong size, or (gawd forbid) something they already have. So we compiled a list of (almost) size-less, terrifically special gifts (okay, maybe we're a little biased) to make you into the heroic gift giver we know you long to be. 

To make matters even more stupendous, we put ALL of our gift items on sale. Why? Because we love you. 

Okay, before this gets too mushy, here are the details:


Dandy Handy tote

The perfect size for almost anything. Riding gear, groceries, an overnight trip... we made this because we were frustrated with ugly reusable grocery bags (which everyone ends up using for everything). Great gift for the special person who hates to compromise style for function.


Available in to colours and four graphics. Click here to shop. 

Reg $42, SALE $29!


Pony Love iPhone cases

Why do they look so darn artsy? Because they ARE art. Based on an original acrylic painting by co-founder Katelyn, this is a surefire super unique gift. Can you see the face? Available in iPhone 5/5s and 6/6s. 

Regular $36, SALE for $22! Shop here.


Dog accessories

We're not sure how it is in the rest of the world, but here in Vancouver people generally love their dogs more than they love their children. Someone just came to mind, didn't they?! Super stylish and ultra durable, these are the most luxurious doggie accoutrements we could come up with. 

Available in big dog size collars and leashes, and little dog leashes. Two colours. Reg $25-$28, SALE $16-$19. Shop here.


Peekaboo Pillows

For that special person with a throw pillow obsession. The horse graphic is subtle and modern, and when flipped to the other side the vintage buttons are give a classy alternative. Fills are made out of unbleached cotton and recycled pop bottles. 

Available in two colours. Shop here.

Reg $79, SALE $45!



Horse Play colouring book

Everyone loves to colour. The ones whose they don't love to colour haven't coloured yet. This book, designed and bound by co-founder Katelyn, has been a huge hit in every age group. An ideal gift for the very stressed out people in your life. Lefty friendly and "sharable," the binder ring is detachable so that your artwork can go straight on the wall or in a frame without worrying about ripping. 


Reg $26, SALE for $20! Shop here.


Happy shopping, heroic gift givers!