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Okay, so why is our pricing all over the place? Why is the size small burgundy chambray ShowStopper $22 cheaper than the extra-small? You must be thinking we're crazy... well we are, but there is a method to our madness. Read on to find out.  

The internet is a great tool for putting up a brave face, and expanding your horizons. When you come to our website, you see a stunning array of clothing in all these colours, pretty pictures, and wow, mostly in stock! We must be a massive company, with a warehouse and shipping department... Not!

This is how most of our manufacturing happens: we get an order, and if don't have one in stock, we cut the fabric, sew, and send it out. This worked while we were getting started, when out-of-stock orders were fewer and far-er between. We could drop our design development projects and work overtime to get an order out the door before the customer had time to wonder what was taking so long. 

I am pleased to report that this is no longer the case. We're getting an influx of online orders - too much for us to sit down and do all at once. Therefore, we're restructuring our pricing model in order to encourage you to order items that we already have in stock. In stock pieces will have 10% discount worked into the price already, because trust us, it's way easier to just grab a shirt, pack it up and ship it, than to start from scratch. Case in point:




Photos by A Moment Created

If you're just dying for a piece that we don't have in stock, no problem! We'll make it for you. The hitch is that there will be a 4-6 week wait time. Ergo, if you need it by a certain date, you should plan ahead, and also let us know. 

Yes, this is outside the norm for fashion brands. But hey, we are weird, and proud of it. We're bringing handmade to the mass market, and doing our best to balance craftsmanship with fair pricing. 

Any questions? We love to hear from you! Email