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    Sometimes people ask me if it’s hard to be coming up with new ideas for products all the time - I laugh and say that once I get through my back log list of a million and two designs... Maybe! The best part of this job is having the freedom to think of an idea and put it into action in a matter of weeks - that said, now that we have production re runs of products, as well as escalating time needing to be sunk into the day to day running of the company, there’s not a lot of hours left over for prototyping and development.

    Not that we’re complaining - it’s nice (and relieving!) to be getting a steady stream of orders. We’ll get the hang of the balance at some point. That said, there are a few new (and new-ish) styles you may not have seen yet:


The ShowStopper shirts are now available in a beautiful chambray - combined with burgundy, navy or black. Shop this striking new colour. 


The flirty addition to the Runway skirt family - a lace insert around the hem. This one has been insanely popular so far! Shop


Our ShowStoppers have actually been a great hit with "non-horsey" customers, so we decided to make a new version with a regular button-up collar. The product description is worth a read!



    What’s on the roster for Spring? Class Act shorts in black with grey piping, a nice dark charcoal grey addition to our bamboo rayon family, and polo shirts. We’ll be discontinuing the current collar colour combos, but what we have left is on sale, yay! Let us know if you have any input as to colours, or would like to pre-order.