The story behind the Dandy Handy totes

Sometimes lightbulb moments come during the most mundane, oft repeated actions. I was rushing out the door, amassing the usual pile of things I would need for the day - riding boots, a raincoat (because this is Vancouver, y'all), water bottle, notebook, sketchbook… I instinctively reached for a reusable grocery tote, proudly bearing the name and logo of my hometown grocery store. Far from a Birkin, but who doesn't love a bag you can shove a seemingly unlimited amount of stuff in? 

I caught sight of myself in the mirror and had to laugh. Here I was in my favourite (and classiest) outfit: Runaway skirt, ShowStopper, and Italian Wrangler belt, cute booties, pearls… with a ratty, sagging bright blue grocery bag slung over one shoulder. Once I saw it in myself, I started noticing this habit with stylish men and women all over the city.


Why? The answer is that these homely, utilitarian accessories offer such perfect function - you don't have to worry about shoving in a dirty pair of shoes or soggy towel in it… The wheels started turning in my head. What if we took the core values of these workhorse totes and gave them a glam makeover?

Take some good, solid cotton canvas, sprinkle a little copper foil, work some magic on the sewing machine and voila! A tote that will always be on your shoulder, whether you're on your way to the barn, beach or shopping. Leaky coffee thermos? Toss it in the wash! Heavy load? Trust the durable stitching and extra wide straps.

The only thing we can't help with is when innocent bystanders swoon at the sight of your blindingly gorgeous tote. You're going to have to catch them all by yourself. 

Think you can handle it (pun intended)? Shop now.