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Article: What is Coastal Cowgirl Style?

What is Coastal Cowgirl Style?
coastal cowgirl

What is Coastal Cowgirl Style?

Trends may come and go, but cross my heart - I'm going to hold tight onto this one. 

#CoastalCowgirl has been trending across social media recently, inspiring not just outfits but playlists (that we've got on repeat) and a certain laid-back lifestyle that requires only cowboy boots and your favourite bikini. So please stick around for my love letter to this style, and some tips for incorporating it into your summer wardrobe. 

You may know me mostly as a horse girl, but I was actually born and raised in a small town on the west coast of Canada, sandwiched on both sides by ocean. Before discovering horses and basically moving into a local barn, I spent almost all my time on the beach or on a boat. The smell of salt and the feeling of diving into icy emerald waters lives just as deep in my heart as wide open plains and aroma of leather. 

Though I pursued the the former in my career and this brand, the latter was always sneaking in aesthetically. Tropical prints, retro surf style and beach style find their way into all our spring collections. Though beach and western styles may seem miles apart, they make strangely good bedmates in an outfit. 

Last summer, our design partner Alli of Milton Menasco and her photographer bestie Elizabeth Hay surprised me with a gorgeous photoshoot of our Riding Club Varsity Jacket and Pony Up Lounge Shorts on Pismo Beach, California. Let's just say that a cowboy hat and surfboard never looked so good together. 


It turns out that all three of us were onto something. Seven months later, Coastal Cowgirl emerged as the style trend of the summer. So what is this new aesthetic? Essentially, it's a mix of western, cowgirl, boho and surf styles. Beachwear, but with cowboy hats. It's about spending the day in the saddle and watching the sunset from the seaside. It is the most quintessentially summer style, in my incredibly biased opinion. 

How does one go about achieving this look? Start with what's already in your closet. Pull out anything vaguely western looking - we're talking silver belt buckles, denim shorts, plaid shirts, cowboy hats and boots (of course), and any laid-back basics like oversized tees. Next, pull out any flowy dresses, swimsuits, rashguards, sunglasses, flip flops, big sunnies, anything linen, and anything you have leftover from #coastalgrandma last summer. Now, from this big mess I've made of your bedroom (my apologies), start combining these items. Bikini, plaid shirt, cowboy boots. Boho dress and oversized belt. Rashguard and big denim jacket. You want your outfit to tell people that you are on your way to ride horses off into the beachy sunset, because dangit, you ARE.

And now you're set! Need a few items to complete the look? Shop our Coastal Cowgirl Collection for said chunky belts, tropical equestrian prints and (of course) the essential linen plaid shirt. 

Happy Trails, xo



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