What is "Equestrian Style"?

What is "Equestrian Style"?

Just like how we forgot to tell everyone that shipping on orders over $100 is free, we also forgot to explain what it is this inspiration behind our whole brand. Whoops. 

Welcome to Street & Saddle. Some of our clothing can be worn while riding a horse. Some of it cannot. This confuses people. To explain, we will have to go back a couple hundred years, to a time when to get around you either had to ride a horse or ride in a carriage behind one. Since transport is a huge part of daily life, most clothing design was shaped around how we interacted with horses. Therefore horses are basically the founding influencers of fashion (haha, kidding... maybe). 

Geographically, we're going to focus on Britain, because they are a truly horse crazy bunch over there. Men would wear their tailcoats and riding trousers, and women rode in full skirts and cute little jackets. An interesting development came about during the nineteen twenties, when it became popular for the ladies to ditch the dresses, steal the men's clothes, and hop on a horse astride. As you can imagine, this ruffled a lot of feathers. 

However, it stuck around, and now you wouldn't even bat an eyelash if you saw a woman in pants, a button up shirt, and a blazer. It is, in fact, the most basic and classic of outfits, hence it falling under the umbrella of equestrian style. The term is now used to describe any fashion that is traditional and timeless, because it is so engrained in our culture and subconscious that it could simply never go out of style. 

In these days of awareness about the wasteful nature of apparel consumption, this idea is quite appealing. Pulling references from the Queen's guard, riding "habits" (skirts and dresses), and the functional details of equestrian wear, we mixed in some art prints, modern influences, and voila, you have Street & Saddle! Quality, classic pieces made with care and designed with thoughtfulness.