SALE! Classic ShowStopper in Powder blue


Can we even call it a shirt? This paragon of a garment has been in the works for, well, years. Katelyn started working on concepts when she was in school, and from a sketch done on a train in the Swiss Alps to the hit piece at Vancouver Fashion Week, to five more prototypes to perfect the fit, here we are. 

Taking both ends of the clothing spectrum - tailored and athletic - and combining them in a way that creates a dominating presence in a board meeting as well as sport performance and comfort in the saddle. Features include stretch panel shoulders for range of motion (as well as making it "feel like a tee shirt"), magnetic collar closures, a hidden placket, and super flattering colour blocking. The white cuffs and collar will peak out from under your blazer for a traditional look.

The cuffs get their own paragraph, because it took us about twelve attempts to get them exactly how we wanted them. From afar they look like a simple, plain cuff with coloured trim - but the hidden elastic permits them to be pulled up the arm, and stay put all day comfortably. No more rolling cuffs, fiddling with buttons, and having them slide down. Because who has time for that anyways.

And the fabric: crisp cotton, doubled at the front for more coverage (no bra shadows peeking through), combined with our favourite ultra soft, stretchy, breathable, wicking, anti-odour bamboo rayon. 

We recently finished a batch of custom made ShowStoppers, shortening sleeves by as much as five inches, adding a bit to the hips, raising collars, giving a bit more room for "the girls". We don't mean to brag, but they look absolutely fantastic. If you're looking for something perfectly tailored to your body (trust us, it's worth it), shoot Katelyn an email at Custom shirts start at just $235 CDN. 

Sizing: Please see size chart (scroll through product images). 

Return policy: Doesn't fit, or you're not as in love with it as you hoped? We won't at all be offended if you want to return your item. In fact, we'll give you a full refund!