Grey/white Boss Babe shirt


For the #bossbabes who work so hard, they need a performance shirt for it. Our signature combination of crisp tailoring and athletic stretch combines for a striking, figure flattering silhouette that turns heads in the classiest possible way.

After (well, during) the runaway success of our ShowStopper, an equestrian competition shirt, we decided to alter the collar into a "regular" button up. Same intoxicatingly soft and stretchy bamboo rayon sleeves and side panels, and crisp cotton front and back. Makes you look like a million bucks, or your money back.

The cuffs get their own paragraph, because it took us about twelve attempts to get them exactly how we wanted them. From afar they look like a simple, plain cuff with coloured trim - but the hidden elastic permits them to be pulled up the arm, and stay put all day comfortably. No more rolling cuffs, fiddling with buttons, and having them slide down. Because who has time for that anyways? Definitely not #bossbabes. 

So whether you're a high flying executive, or just want to really rock your next job interview, this shirt will take you places. We assume no liability for the excessive compliments you will receive. We may, however, take some credit when you land your dream job though, in the form of share options or a ride in your private jet.

As always, thoughtfully crafted in Vancouver, Canada with highest quality materials.

Can't decide which colour to get? Buy both and we'll send you a free gift (like, a good one). 

Pricing: Wondering why some sizes cost less than others? Click here.