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Article: Shop Small Business: Introducing our Maker Friends

Shop Small Business: Introducing our Maker Friends

Shop Small Business: Introducing our Maker Friends

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I was once at a party, sitting and chatting with someone about Street & Saddle, and shopping small ethical businesses. She explained that she was trying to make an effort to find her goods locally, but did not know where to find brands. I nodded, realizing suddenly that all these makers, usually a one-or-two person show, don't have the resources for commercials or billboards (... or advertising of any kind). 

Through markets and pop-ups (like First Pick Market), I've met and became friends with a long list of local Vancouver makers and designers. From bikinis to bags, sports bras to silks, and earrings to eyeshadow, you can find all the essentials in this list - along with links to their shops.

Jessica makes lovely, flowy clothing from a mix of vintage silks and fabrics she's dyed herself with plants from her garden. 

Lexi has an amazing eye for stretch fabric and designs - I've had one of her hand-dyed leggings for over four years and they're in perfect shape. 

Minimalist Chic
Kaitlin designs gorgeous, very easy-to-wear clothing. My personal fav is the Ryan Top, which I bought as my own birthday present last year.

Inspired Streetwear
Inspired by youth subcultures of Tokyo and Seoul, these playful pieces are 100% Instagram-worthy. 

Breezy linens
We love Laïla's minimalist style and choice of natural fabrics.

Talk about drool-worthy. This Italian-trained shoemaker has materials and details to die for. 

Renée is on the Crafted Vancouver Team Advisor council with Shane and I, and she custom-makes amazing shoes and boots to your measurements. 

Hats and Accessories
Kaya has a wide range of clothing and home goods, but our favourite is her toques and wool hats.

Janna collects pre-loved cashmere garments and turns them into the world's softest mittens and toques. 

Period Essentials + Lingerie
Sara and Mayo have (in my opinion) revolutionized the period industry by making panties that are incredibly comfortable and sexy. 

I love these eyeshadows - they have a subtle sparkle and lovely shades. 

Lindsey crafts our Bridle bracelets and Horsefeathers earrings, but first and foremost she has a line of gorgeous and playful fine jewellery. Currently on my list is her Balloon Dog Necklace.

Imaginative reclaimed, hand painted leather jewellery. I have a pair of Jamie's Ear Jackets and love them. 

Calling all skaters - jewellery and accessories made from recycled skateboards!

Bags and Belts
Fun fact: my mom had been searching for the "perfect bag" for her busy career that includes a lot of travel. The multi-year quest ended with finding a gorgeous tote made by Lincoln. A couple years later, it's still the one she uses every day!

Tara designs the travel essential you never knew you needed - fun and fleece-lined shoe bags to keep your kicks clean and safe. 

For the last couple of years, I've bought one Beth Richards swim piece per year (pssst she has amazing sales). She just gets how to design swimwear that's really striking but stays in place and doesn't pinch in weird places. 
Is shopping for denim a painful experience? Call Alina! She takes your measurements and sews you up a 100% custom pair. 

Recycled wool goods - from workshirts to socks. This hyper-sustainable brand is all about pieces you'll wear all the time. 


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