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Article: Back to School is a State of Mind

Back to School is a State of Mind

Back to School is a State of Mind

Forget January. The start of the year is the first day of school.

Even though I haven't cracked a textbook in ten years, the beginning of September still brings about a strange craving for stationary, fresh notebooks and of course: a closet refresh. It's the perfect time for reinvention, for resolutions, and for introspection. And before you ask - yes, I was the girl with the colour-coded notes and impeccable pen collection.

Throughout the years, my back-to-school shopping was a mix of standout pieces (I will now be known as "The Girl With the Metallic Gold Backpack"), and whatever I defined as "classic" at the time - like a pair of treasured dark wash Guess skinny jeans (am I dating myself? Most likely). 

Over the years, the sentiment has remained much the same even though my personal style has shifted. This time of year brings about a yearning for dependable pieces that are both gorgeous and comfortable, a pondering of layers of colours that will look beautiful together, and that one special item that defines how I wish to present myself to the world for the upcoming year. It's not just about shopping - it's also a joyful reunion with my favourite clothing from years past (I'm looking at you, Turnout Turtlenecks). 

Perhaps as a result of this seasonal obsession, Fall is without a doubt what Street & Saddle's is famous for. With a strong penchant for rich jewel tones, timeless tailoring, cozy sweaters and equestrian styling, it is a brand made for strolling through crunchy leaves in the crisp air. 

To celebrate, I've put together a small list of my personal top picks for the upcoming season: for work, riding, PSL drinking, pen shopping and leaf crunching. 

Happy Back-to-School to all who celebrate: students and students-at-heart. 

PS: our Fall Collection launches on Sept 15!

If Fall was a sweater... it would be this one. 
(because it's the best club to belong to)
(Okay, the amount of times I wore this last fall was embarrassing.)
(You know it's Fall in Canada when you see the sea of plaid)
(I definitely squealed with excitement when I took these out of the bottom of the drawer). 

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