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What do we mean by "Quality Guarantee?"

At some point, a zipper will break. A fabric will wear though. A button will fall off. And since we have, and will always have, the luxury of in-house manufacturing, as a company we're offering free repair services. If an item is somehow faulty beyond repair, we will be duly horrified and replace it free of charge.
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Black Friday, Our Way.

Black Friday always poses a Catch 22 for ethical and sustainable brands. We want to sell things, because if there was no selling of things, there would be no business. On the other hand, encouraging excessive impulsive buying goes against the collective ethos of being ethical and sustainable.  Humans shop, and humans love sales. I started wondering, who are the people who actually need new clothes? This led me to Dress for Success, an organization that helps women kickstart their careers by providing them with skill training and professional clothing.  I met with them, and together we designed the Success Vest, a versatile layering piece that could be worn to any office job. Worn over a button up shirt or blouse,...
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Xavier and Valentina: the love story behind our fall collection

| He's a writer |   | She's his muse | | She's her own muse | | They met at the barn | | Where they still spend much of their time, together | | Under the watchful eyes of the horses | | They are young, though curiously nostalgic | | They love textures; clothing as soft as their horse's muzzles | | She thinks nothing of hopping up on the fence in a dress and heels | | In hopes of a pony kiss | | Does she dance for herself, for him, for the horses | | Or simply for the sheer joy of it? | | We'll never know | Shop the collection.     ...
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What is 'sustainable fashion'?

I can't promise that your shirt will last twenty-five years, because I haven't even been alive for that long yet. But I can promise that if something goes wrong with it, I will fix it, for free. And I'm going to try to make sure that Street & Saddle will still be around in a quarter of a century, to keep up our end of the deal.
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It's a hot summer day. You've spent a glorious day in the sun with your horse. Oh - you're late for a dinner date - as usual. You only have time to change one piece of clothing. Swap out riding pants for a miniskirt or breezy floral shorts. Kiss your horse one last time. This is Street & Saddle.
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Why I Started Painting on Fabric

Every since I could hold a pencil, I've been drawing horses. I was that weird girl in school with notebook margins full of ponies. The minute I pick up a writing utensil, they just sort of come out automatically. 
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Thoughts re: Tailoring

There is an old saying I read in a history book about Savile Row, that a gentleman confides more in his tailor than anyone else. Right away I identified and aspired to it. Clothing is an intimate reflection of who you are as a person and figuring out exactly what clothing and fit suits a person requires insight into who they are. One of my favourite parts of my job is fittings. It feels so old-timey, to stand there with my pincushion and measuring tape talking to someone about exactly what sleeve length they would like.  Beautiful photo by A Moment Created It's nostalgic - a bygone era of fretting over small details. But they are important. "I don't know...
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Thoughts re: sustainability

I love this week - when Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Week coincide. Invariably, my thoughts turn to sustainability and ethics in our industry, and where S&S fits into the equation.
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Shop the Runway

Part of the purpose of runway shows is to display the new styles in a way that sparks inspiration and imagination.  Take that, and put it in your closet. Literally.
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Buttons, and gender equality

Fashion and the art of dressing oneself are often regarded as a frivolous pursuit, but it does reflect greater cultural event and issues in the society that surrounds it
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