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OMG best video ever

A short film showing our behind-the-scenes process.
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How We Make

 It's definitely the most common question I get asked: "So, how do you make all this stuff?" It's a complex answer to a simple query, and it's also an ever changing process. 
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New Arrivals!

Always listening to your suggestions, we have some new styles designed by popular demand!
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Why horses?

Humans have quite literally evolved to love horses. It’s so engrained in our minds and hearts that the simple invention of automobiles did little to lessen the feelings. Horses now represent a sense of a slower time, and nostalgia. Our entire lives used to revolve around them; even what we wore.
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Re: being a responsible human being

Yes it’s expensive. Yes it’s a pain in the butt. And yes, it’s the right thing to do.
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Do our products live up to our constant bragging? We asked our customers, and the answer was yes.
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Holiday pop-up schedule

We're popping up over the holidays, complete with gifts for (almost) everyone on your holiday shopping list, including you (yes, buying presents for yourself is totally ok!)
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East Side Culture Crawl

The highlight of our year is here! The Eastside Culture Crawl is an amazing and inspiring event in which hundreds of studios and workshops in Vancouver's "maker" neighbourhood open their doors to the public for four days!
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Holiday gift and sale guide

Gifts for everyone, and at sale prices. Too good to be true? Almost, but not quite!
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Mane Event booth

Are you going to the Mane Event? We are! See you there. 
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