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Thoughts re: Tailoring

There is an old saying I read in a history book about Savile Row, that a gentleman confides more in his tailor than anyone else. Right away I identified and aspired to it. Clothing is an intimate reflection of who you are as a person and figuring out exactly what clothing and fit suits a person requires insight into who they are. One of my favourite parts of my job is fittings. It feels so old-timey, to stand there with my pincushion and measuring tape talking to someone about exactly what sleeve length they would like.  Beautiful photo by A Moment Created It's nostalgic - a bygone era of fretting over small details. But they are important. "I don't know...

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Shop the Runway

Part of the purpose of runway shows is to display the new styles in a way that sparks inspiration and imagination.  Take that, and put it in your closet. Literally.

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The Give Back

Runway shows are an integral part of showcasing fashion as wearable art and not just consumer goods. The models, how they portray the clothing, the music, and the venue come together to make a designer's idea come to life in a way that photos just can't.

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