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The Give Back

Runway shows are an integral part of showcasing fashion as wearable art and not just consumer goods. The models, how they portray the clothing, the music, and the venue come together to make a designer's idea come to life in a way that photos just can't.
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Spotlight on Slacker Pants

Our Linen Slacker pants, gorgeously styled.
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Tailoring and the modern world

Equestrian sport is an interesting example of old ways meeting the new. Name another sport in which the official uniform is a tailcoat. Could apparel be comfortable to the point of not noticing its' existence, and still have a polished overall look? 
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Thoughts on Black Friday

Buy meaningful stuff, not too much, preferably ethically made. 
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We're popping up!

Come visit Dec 2-14 to shop new styles and a collection of handmade gifts for under $30.
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Until October, we will be donating 40% of online sales proceeds to the Canadian Disaster Animal Relief Team (CDART).
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About Us

We strongly believe in the importance of sustainability in the textile industry. Woven with unethical treatment of workers, pollution, and the marketing of unhealthy consumer behaviour, there is much to be done. Though we are little, we strive every day to contribute to a solution, from organic fibres to classic design and quality manufacturing. We split manufacturing in between our East Vancouver studio (you must come visit), and Precision Patterns, an insanely talented and experienced local factory. 
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Summer Pop-Up Schedule

We're lucky to be hosted by a few lovely shop owners and event organizers at some gorgeous venues. We're testing out some new styles and colours that aren't on the site, plus exclusive deals and discounts (in a nutshell: you should really come see us, it's worth it!). 
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How we price

Okay, so why is our pricing all over the place? Why is the size small burgundy chambray ShowStopper $22 cheaper than the extra-small? Like, what? There is a certain method to our madness. Read on to find out.  
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What is "Equestrian Style"?

We forgot to explain what it is this inspiration behind our whole brand. Whoops.
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