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Article: What do we mean by "Quality Guarantee?"


What do we mean by "Quality Guarantee?"

It's time for some #realtalk. As a designer, my goal with Street & Saddle is to create clothing that will last as long as possible - dare I use the term "heirloom quality." 

As a company, we work towards this goal by sourcing high grade fabrics and employing talented craftspeople. Quality usually means extra stitching, and we are all about that. Every time we make a new style, I wear it, use and abuse it as much as possible to make sure it's up to snuff. 

But when all this is said and done, the only way to guarantee that a piece of clothing will be around for one hundred years is to wait around for one hundred years to see how it wears. The year 2115 is still pretty far away.

At some point, a zipper will break. A fabric will wear though. A button will fall off. And since we have, and will always have, the luxury of in-house manufacturing, as a company we're offering free repair services. If an item is somehow faulty beyond repair, we will be duly horrified and replace it free of charge. 

This is my promise as a designer. As a customer, you can hold me to it. Even if it's the year 2052. Let's work together to keep clothing out of the landfill. 

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