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Article: Black Friday, Our Way.

Black Friday, Our Way.

Black Friday always poses a Catch 22 for ethical and sustainable brands. We want to sell things, because if there was no selling of things, there would be no business. On the other hand, encouraging excessive impulsive buying goes against the collective ethos of being ethical and sustainable. 

Humans shop, and humans love sales. I started wondering, who are the people who actually need new clothes? This led me to Dress for Success, an organization that helps women kickstart their careers by providing them with skill training and professional clothing. 

I met with them, and together we designed the Success Vest, a versatile layering piece that could be worn to any office job. Worn over a button up shirt or blouse, it gives an extra layer of warmth and hey, it has roomy pockets. 

From now until Tuesday, November 28th, for every item we sell, we will donate one of these vests to Dress for Success. You can also use the promo code SUCCESS for 10% off until Monday. 

This Black Friday, thank you for supporting a small, women-owned business, and in turn thank you for helping us make a difference. 

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