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Stories — fashion

Buttons, and gender equality

Fashion and the art of dressing oneself are often regarded as a frivolous pursuit, but it does reflect greater cultural event and issues in the society that surrounds it
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What is "Equestrian Style"?

We forgot to explain what it is this inspiration behind our whole brand. Whoops.
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Art x Animals… our favourite!

For the Kaleidoscopic Animalia exhibit, Paul Hardy combined pieces from the museum's collection with his own designs, as well as products you could buy at a store today. Think big silk gown paired with Converse sneakers, beside a five hundred year old statue… 
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The return of bespoke

"Bespoke," is a word not terribly often used nowadays (in fact, you probably don't know what it means - I don't blame you). It's an old tailoring term, meaning that a certain fabric is "spoken for." 
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VFW Recap

"Elegant," "tailored," and "refined" were words strangers used to describe the collection when they grabbed my arm to congratulate me later that night. "Wearable" was another common one - much to my elation. 
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Mark your calendars! Runway show March 16

Come see our spectacular runway show at Vancouver Fashion Week March 16th! Be the first to see an pre-order Fall styles.
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Photo Essay: the French girl

 Marion lives in a small medieval town in the south east corner of France. She inhabits a small apartment above the local bakery, with a balcony overlooking the cathedral.
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Culture Crawl

Tina and I would like to extend a warm thank you to the thousands of people who made the Eastside Culture Crawl a great success this year.
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The studio is open for visits (and shopping!)

September has always been my favourite month, for all the stereotypical reasons, such as crispy air, crunchy leaves and PSLs (I only allow myself two every season, for fear of all-consuming addiction).  
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