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Stories — ethics

Thoughts re: sustainability

I love this week - when Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Week coincide. Invariably, my thoughts turn to sustainability and ethics in our industry, and where S&S fits into the equation.
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Buttons, and gender equality

Fashion and the art of dressing oneself are often regarded as a frivolous pursuit, but it does reflect greater cultural event and issues in the society that surrounds it
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How we price

Okay, so why is our pricing all over the place? Why is the size small burgundy chambray ShowStopper $22 cheaper than the extra-small? Like, what? There is a certain method to our madness. Read on to find out.  
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How We Make

 It's definitely the most common question I get asked: "So, how do you make all this stuff?" It's a complex answer to a simple query, and it's also an ever changing process. 
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Re: being a responsible human being

Yes it’s expensive. Yes it’s a pain in the butt. And yes, it’s the right thing to do.
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