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Article: VFW Recap

VFW Recap

VFW Recap

"You're so chill. I think you're the calmest designer I've ever seen back here."

I turned around to face the speaker, almost lost in a sea of leggy models and outrageous clothing. We were backstage at Vancouver Fashion Week, and one of the managers was apparently shocked at my lack of frantic-ness. I laughed, assuring her that there had in fact been quite a few "not-so-chill" moments quite recently. 

But we had done it. I was standing there with eight models, wearing eight gorgeous outfits. They looked slick, with their up do's and red lipstick. I felt like I was on my way to a party with a group of enviously well turned out ladies. I couldn't help but beam. 

Like a flash, it was over - I gawkily walked down the runway with our finale model (who just happens to be a dear friend from back in high school), waving and feeling a little queenly. 

"Elegant," "tailored," and "refined" were words strangers used to describe the collection when they grabbed my arm to congratulate me later that night. "Wearable" was another common one - much to my elation. 

So where does this leave us? We've had a few requests for the pieces shown - and although we're definitely open to any kind of custom order, we're still awhile away from having these styles hitting the stores.

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Hello… do I see breeches? The answer is yes, and they'll be available in the fall. This is all you get to see right now.


I've had a love affair with capes forever (who hasn't?!), but have found them to be unfortunately unflattering. This is essentially a fitted dress, with a cape attached to the shoulders, and topped off with a huge over the shoulder collar. 


Our show shirt - to non-horse readers, this is a shirt that fits regulations for equestrian competition. To my pleasant surprise, it was the by far the piece that got the most hype - from non-horse people! We're putting the most effort into getting this one on the site ASAP.


Classy as all hell. 


When you ask your models to be sassy and they exceed expectations. Oh yeah and this is our new High Tea shirt!


*Totally floaty*


You know how everyone is making a fuss about day to night dressing? This totally work-appropriate blazer turns into a sultry mini-dress when you simply (remove your pants). Bam. 


Party at the back. Hand painted Pegasus. 


All photos by Jared Horst and Mike Wu.




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