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Behind The Reins

If there’s a quality that resonates amongst horse girls, it’s being committed. At Street & Saddle we are committed through and through to the values we set from the day we began.

Our commitment to our clients

From day one we dedicated our brand to continuous learning; learning how we can make well fitted garments that are both comfortable and complementary to as many people as possible. We understand the discomfort and anxiety with trying on clothing or finding something that fits perfectly.

Within recent years we’ve commissioned the efforts of both Megan Bain, (formerly Arcteryx), Ciel Wu (formerly MaxMara), and Shane Yu, (formerly Indochino) to further push the envelope of making consumer ready garments while having custom options available.

Our Commitment to our Craftswomen

Apparel manufacturing worldwide is led by an astonishing 86% women. Becoming a well-rounded sewer takes about a decade of hard work, and yet this trade in considered "unskilled" in many countries, which sets barriers towards women earning living wages, workplace rights and immigration. 

Our mission is not only to operate an ethical workplace for our team, but to celebrate the beauty and skill that goes into making every garment. By manufacturing in-house, we are able to share our process with our community over social media. We hope that this inspires folks to appreciate the craftswomanship behind all clothing, and to make more ethical decisions with their buying power. 

Our commitment to the planet

Every garment is hand crafted in our studio in Vancouver, Canada. We operate on a made-to-order and small batch basis. Though labour intensive, this process reduces the waste of overstock, and allows us to offer free customization services such as hem lengthening and shortening, or catering to those who find themselves outside of our standard size range. 

We vet each material and pick them based off of its comfort, durability and potential impact when it is being processed. Wools, linens, cottons and viscose material end up being the primary fabrics we use to craft our garments,  we proudly showcase materials with certifications such as GOTS organic or OekoTex certified. Synthetic fabrics are used sparingly, in cases where they are essential for performance and longevity. 

Also incorporated into our roster of fabrics are vintage or "deadstock" fabrics. These are high quality new fabrics that are surplus or remnants from other brands or mills, that may have ended up in a landfill. These fabrics, in our opinion, are as sustainable as you can get, and we add more each season. 

Waste management is an often-overlooked element of sustainability. We have partnered with an innovative textile recycling initiative to turn our fabric scraps, offcuts and other textile waste into home insulation. By doing so, we have diverted thousands of pounds of fabric from the landfill. We also partner with our network of other small businesses, who can use our offcuts and roll ends to upcycle into new products. 

Quality is first and foremost on our mind when it comes to sustainability. Through thoughtful materials and craftsmanship, we aim to make clothing that is heirloom quality. We offer complimentary up-keep on every single product, whether it be a missing button, tears or alterations.

The owner

With a focus on quality methods the rich history of equestrian sport, Street & Saddle is known for its' eclectic takes on classic tailoring. Owner and designer Katelyn Woodburn was born and raised in a small coastal town in BC.

"I grew up a run-of-the-mill Horse Girl, enamoured with all things equine. Along with the animals and the riding, I had a fascination for the tailoring and tradition that went into the clothing. I wanted to bring this aesthetic to everyone, regardless of whether or not they rode horses. There is something so strong and clean, yet so nostalgic about it."

-K. Woodburn  


202 - 739 Gore Ave. Vancouver, Canada

Open by appointment

Contact : 604.989.2124