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Stories — sustainability

Thoughts re: sustainability

I love this week - when Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Week coincide. Invariably, my thoughts turn to sustainability and ethics in our industry, and where S&S fits into the equation.
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How we price

Okay, so why is our pricing all over the place? Why is the size small burgundy chambray ShowStopper $22 cheaper than the extra-small? Like, what? There is a certain method to our madness. Read on to find out.  
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What is "Equestrian Style"?

We forgot to explain what it is this inspiration behind our whole brand. Whoops.
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How We Make

 It's definitely the most common question I get asked: "So, how do you make all this stuff?" It's a complex answer to a simple query, and it's also an ever changing process. 
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Re: being a responsible human being

Yes it’s expensive. Yes it’s a pain in the butt. And yes, it’s the right thing to do.
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Elevating the ordinary

Yes, I am fully aware that I'm unabashedly bragging right now, but hey, isn't that what a company blog is for? Some might call me foolish for thinking that clothing can make a positive impact on a person's life, but I have the fan mail to prove otherwise.
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Your fabric cheat sheet

Humans have, over the years, developed an astonishing ability to turn just about anything into cloth, from worm poop for silk (okay, caterpillar fibroin) to petroleum for polyester. We made an easy to understand cheat sheet for you.
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