Chestnut brown Horseshoe belt

There's something so understated and elegant about a classic, well made leather belt. The Italian vegetable tanned leather we use gets better looking with age, just like wine (and you!). The stainless steel belt buckle is also made to stand the test of time. 

Made entirely by hand in Vancouver.  

SIZING Belt sizing can be tricky, especially when they can be worn anywhere from upper waist to lower hips. Here's the best way to ensure you order the correct size: Take your favorite belt, and measure from the hole for the buckle where the metal tongue comes out (tongue is the thin metal thingie that goes into your belt holes) to the hole you usually use. So basically you measure the leather only from the buckle end until the hole you regularly use. Then match that length to our sizes here:

Extra Small 27-31 inches, Small 30-34 inches, Medium 33-37 inches, Large 36-40 inches, Extra large fits 39-43 inches, and double extra large fits 42-48 inches.  Again, these measurements are not your waist size but the leather length of your regular belt to the regular hole you use.  So if you measure and this length on your existing belt is 37, you need a size large.  I happen to have about a 30 inch waist and wear a large as I wear my belt fairly low. 

Each belt is made to order, so if you need a special size, or want extra holes so that you can wear it both on your waist and hips, give us a ring (well not a ring, email us at  We do accept size exchanges.